Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announces positive COVID-19 test results

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has earned a reputation for imposing strict measures on his state’s residents in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 and generally opposing President Donald Trump’s position on the pandemic.

Even those mandates and recommendations were not enough to prevent his own infection, however. According to Breitbart, Wolf confirmed his diagnosis in a statement this week.

“I have no symptoms”

In addition to an official statement, Wolf announced in a thread of tweets on Wednesday that he tested positive for the virus and was isolating at home.

“During a routine test yesterday, I tested positive for COVID-19,” he explained in the official statement. “I have no symptoms and am feeling well.”

The governor went on to note that he had been following federal guidelines and was quarantining with his wife, Frances, who was awaiting the results of her own coronavirus test.

In a social media update, Wolf tweeted that he was “continuing to serve the commonwealth” as well as remotely maintaining the duties of his office.

He added that his infection should be seen as a “reminder that no one is immune from COVID” and “that following all precautions” is “not a guarantee” against contracting the virus.

“This is an advisory”

Nevertheless, Wolf included a call to “all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask, stay home as much as possible, socially distance yourself from those not in your household, and, most of all, take care of each other and stay safe.”

His state has thus far seen at least 443,000 positive COVID-19 cases with roughly 12,000 deaths attributed to the virus, Breitbart reports.

As experts warn of a spike expected in connection to recent Thanksgiving travel, Wolf stands out as among the state leaders who took a firm stance ahead of the holiday.

In a statement issued the Monday before Thanksgiving, the governor ordered that bars and restaurants would face even more restrictions — specifically on the sale of alcohol — later in the week.

Defending his recent recommendations at the time, he said: “This is an advisory. That all Pennsylvanians, in order to stay safe, ought to stay home. It is vital that every single Pennsylvanian takes these mitigation steps seriously.”

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