Top Pennsylvania state representative accused of sexual assault resigns

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Ellis has found himself embroiled in a controversy that has cost him his job.

Ellis, who has been accused of raping a woman, has decided to resign from his position.

Shocking Report

If the report is true, in 2015, Ellis drugged a woman, then raped her.

According to the story given to local papers, the accuser was out at a bar with friends.

Even though she stated that she only had two drinks that night, she said most of what happened is a blur.

What she does remember, however, is waking up in pain in Ellis’ bed.

When she asked what happened, she said Ellis told her they had sex.

Since most of the night is nothing more than a “blackout “for her, she is assuming Ellis slipped something into her drink before having his way with her.

Succumbing to Calls for Resignation

Not long after the initial allegations were made, there were numerous calls for Ellis to resign from both sides of the aisle.

After initially refusing to resign, Ellis recently changed his mind.

“It is with immense gratitude to the sacrifices made by my family, the support of my constituents, and the friendship my colleagues that I have concluded that it is in the best interests of my family, the residents of the 11th House District, and my own health that I resign from the General Assembly,” he said.

To this point, the woman’s allegations against Ellis have not been proven true and the entire incident is still under investigation by local authorities.

The woman making the allegations has not yet been identified in this case.

Ellis, for his part, had denied any wrongdoing.

While he has not addressed the subject publicly himself other than to resign, his attorneys have stated that the accusations made against him are “just plain false.”

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