Pennsylvania man threatens to kill President Trump – manhunt now underway

Yes, Virginia, the Secret Service does take threats on social media seriously.

After 26-year-old Shawn Christy threatened Trump’s life on social media, a nationwide manhunt has ensued.

The Threat

According to reports, Christy recently posted that he wanted to “put a bullet in the head of President Trump” on one of his social media accounts.

In addition to Trump, Christy has also threatened Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

Sadly, this is not the first time Christy has threatened a public official.

In 2012, Christy made threatening phone calls to Sarah Palin as well as her attorney.

Reports stated that he had actually made hundreds of phone calls to them.

That is no doubt why his threat against the President is being taken very seriously.

The Search

U.S. Marshalls are now reportedly searching for Christy, who lives in McAdoo, Pennsylvania.

They have also issued a warning that Christy is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Police are asking anyone that spots Christy to call 911 or 484-358-1974.

More Threats

There has actually been a slew of threats in recent days not only against Trump, but also many of his staff members.

When they aren’t being outright threatened, they are often being harassed by the media.

DHS Secretary Nielsen was forced to leave a D.C. restaurant under the protection of her security team on Tuesday night.

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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has also been hassled by media members during recent press conferences.

Sadly, behavior like this is becoming the norm rather than the exception thanks to blatant twisting of the facts by the mainstream media.

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