Pennsylvania House lawmakers take stand for women’s sports, ban transgender females

In the ongoing controversy involving biological males claiming to be females in order to compete in women’s sports, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives finally took a stand on the issue.

According to Fox News, the state House passed House Bill 972, dubbed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which prevents transgender females from competing in women’s sports. The bill will soon be sent to the state Senate, where it will meet a similar bill. 

However, should the bill pass through the Senate, woke Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf has already pledged to veto it, calling the legislation “transphobic,” presumably to appease his small, radical base of leftists.

The bill’s passage in the House comes in the wake of University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas causing frustration among parents and student-athletes for unfairly dominating women’s swimming with the body of a biological male.

What does the bill do?

The language in the bill is straightforward and simple, and it calls for a simple set of rules to be established as far as gender is concerned in sports.

The legislation calls for “public institution of higher education or any school or institution where students or teams compete against a public school entity or public institution of higher education” to categorize a sport as male, female, or coed.

Fox noted, “The measure would apply to sports teams in the state that are publicly funded and those who compete against schools who are publicly funded.”

Sports designated for women will not be open to athletes with biological male bodies.

Gov. Wolf cries foul

Wolf, like most other Democrats who will do or say anything to pander to the smallest, most outlandish radical sectors of the party, slammed the legislation on social media.

Wolf would be wise to look at the overwhelming anger from parents across the political spectrum over their daughters, who’ve worked hard their entire lives to compete at the highest level, have their futures and dreams dashed by a biological male who can’t cut it among his own gender group.

While the bill will likely be struck down when it gets to Gov. Wolfie’s office, hopefully when Pennsylvania voters finally decide to elect a Republican to lead the state, such important legislation will be passed and signed.

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