Pence surprises troops in Iraq for early Thanksgiving celebration

Vice President Mike Pence has been absent from the White House for several days, and the press ran wild with speculation.

As it turned out, Pence had left the White House to head to Iraq to both visit our troops and ease tensions with our Kurdish allies, the Washington Examiner reports.

Protecting the VP

Generally, when the president or vice president goes to a war zone, the public is not informed about it until after the fact. This is done for the sake of security to ensure that our enemies cannot put a plan of attack in place to go after them.

Even though there are journalists on the trip, they are told to keep things very quiet until the visit actually takes place.

If you recall, last year, when President Donald Trump went to the front to visit troops over Christmas, the same precautions were taken.

In addition to Pence, his wife Karen, numerous associates, and members of the press were on the trip.

Easing tensions

During the impeachment hearings, Democrats have been trying to portray this administration as betraying some of our key allies, with the Kurds among them.

Pence reportedly met with Kurdish representatives to give assurances that this administration continues to stand behind them. Additionally, the Pences served a Thanksgiving feast to about 150 troops, after which the vice president gave a short speech to the gathered crowd.

This was reportedly the same airbase from which the attack against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was launched several weeks ago.

While in the area, Pence also placed a call to Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi.

Even though the leftist media says Pence is on the way out, he is clearly still carrying out his duties and remains very much involved in the policymaking functions of this administration.

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