Pence skips coronavirus task force calls for more than a month: Report

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump established the White House coronavirus task force and appointed Vice President Mike Pence at its helm.

According to a new Politico report, however, Pence has been absent from that panel’s monthly meetings for some time.

Missing for more than a month

One of the vice president’s first orders of business upon taking on the responsibility of leading the task force was to establish a standing call with each of the nation’s governors.

The goal of that move was reportedly to coordinate the effort of federal and state authorities in limiting the spread of the virus.

For more than a month, however, he has not attended any of those meetings, according to Politico.

The most recent call reportedly took place on Friday and it is unclear whether Pence participated. Prior to that, the most recent call was Oct. 13 — and he was not part of that one.

Politico cited a White House source who spoke against the notion that Pence and, in a broader sense, the White House, has given up on fighting the virus.

“Data, supplies, medication, and personnel”

“The task force proactively reaches out to, meets with, and has calls with jurisdictions across America to ensure they are receiving data, supplies, medication, and personnel,” the spokesperson asserted.

The Trump administration further confirmed that it had been sending regular shipments of testing materials and has sent National Guard resources to provide aid where needed.

As the number of reported COVID-19 infections continues to rise again for what some fear could be a third wave, Politico and other media outlets continue to push the narrative that the Trump administration has botched the federal response.

Such claims dovetail with the prevailing Democratic Party position as progressive leaders push draconian ideas including national mask mandates and prolonged economic shutdowns in response to the public health crisis.

Of course, it is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others in her party who have consistently stood in the way of the one role the legislative branch should play in the process: providing aid to those suffering under the impact of the pandemic response.

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