Vice President Pence says Trump is not quitting on his border wall demands

Democrats want to see President Donald Trump crack on his demand for border wall funding.

Vice President Mike Pence, however, says that is NOT going to happen.

Standing Tall

Donald Trump ran on the platform of locking down our borders and making America safe for all citizens in this country.

A major problem is a porous southern border that allows criminals, human traffickers, drug dealers, gang members, and terrorists to slip through the cracks and into the country.

Democrats are willing to take that risk.

In their opinion, allowing 20,000 people in at the risk of a dozen terrorists is not all that big of a deal.

One need only look at Boston to see how much damage one or two individuals can do on their own.

One need only look at 9/11 to see the damage a dozen people can do with the proper resources.

Those events, as well as many others, prove the importance of having proper border security.

What About Us?

It is hard not to ask, “What about Americans?” when talking to a Democrat in office.

Looking back to the 2016 presidential campaign season, when was the last time a Democrat actually talked about doing something positive for working Americans?

Sure, they have talked about giving away free medical care, but what do they do for working middle-class America that does not qualify for tax breaks or entitlement programs?

When was the last time Democrats discussed helping out our veterans on their own?

The only subject they have touched upon that might benefit middle-class Americans is fighting opioid abuse, but that is something Trump was already addressing.

Democrats are no longer worried about the working class.

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They want to put raise taxes on the people and companies that provide the jobs, then give that money to people that don’t want to work or are in this country without the proper documentation.

That is their way to secure more votes because they know anyone with a smidgen of common sense will never vote Democrat again.

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