Mike Pence: ‘The president did nothing wrong’ in talks with Ukraine

Mike Pence is sick and tired of Democrats attacking President Donald Trump, rather than doing their jobs.

The vice president came forward on Fox Business on Wednesday to confirm his absolute support of Trump’s claim that there was never any quid pro quo in the president’s or his own talks with Ukraine, the Daily Caller reports.

It Never Happened

According to Pence, what Democrats are saying happened is not even close to the facts. Yes, aid was withheld from Ukraine — but not for the reasons Democrats are saying.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky ran on an anti-corruption platform. Before sending over hundreds of millions of dollars, President Trump wanted to be assured Zelensky was going to deliver on his promises.

“Our focus entirely in the meeting I took with President Zelensky…was entirely focused on our support for the integrity and security of Ukraine,” Pence said Wednesday.

He went on: “President Trump made it clear we wanted to see him make progress on that effort.”

Pence Following Through

Democrats have been trying to link Pence to the alleged quid pro quo all week. Pence, however, says that even though he has had several meetings and phone calls with Zelensky, there was never a mention of quid pro quo.

The vice president, in his calls, merely reiterated what Trump had already told the Zelensky. When asked if he would release his transcripts of the calls he made to Zelensky, Pence stated that that process is already underway.

When Trump was first accused by the whistleblower, he came clean on the transcript immediately, something Democrats never expected to happen. He did this because he knew he had not done anything wrong.

Dems are saying the mere act of asking for a favor is enough to bury Trump now because they know the “favor” Trump was asking was not tied to anything in particular.

Trump wanted help rooting out possible corruption in our own government and possibly within our election system and nothing more.

Since when is that a crime?

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