Mike Pence plans ‘aggressive’ campaign schedule as Trump recovers from COVID-19

With President Donald Trump still in quarantine thanks to a recent COVID-19 diagnosis, Vice President Mike Pence is taking over to ensure energy for the pair’s re-election campaign doesn’t fizzle out.

According to Fox News, a senior campaign adviser for the president said Sunday that Pence is ready to carry out “a very full, aggressive schedule” while Trump recovers from his bout with the coronavirus.

First Lady Melania Trump is also battling a case of the disease, which has infected more than 7.4 million Americans nationwide, according to The New York Times.

The president, for his part, had been hospitalized since Friday over the illness, but was set to return to the White House Monday evening, he announced in a tweet.

Holding down the fort

Though President Trump may be feeling better now that it’s been four days since he first tested positive for COVID-19, he still can’t get back on the road quite yet. The president will remain in quarantine until at least next week.

In the meantime, Pence is happy to take his place on the campaign trail.

“He’s going to have a very full aggressive schedule,” Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said of Pence on Sunday, according to Fox, “as will the First Family.”

Miller also said Sunday in a talk with NBC’s Meet The Press that the president’s campaign is still planning on taking part in in-person debates over the next several weeks.

“We’re in a campaign. We have a month to go,” he said, as Fox reported. “We see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out there campaigning. Certainly, they’re not asking for a remote debate.”

“We’ve got a campaign to run”

President Trump himself indicated in a Monday evening tweet that he’d be back on the road “soon.”

It was a sentiment shared by the vice president. “We’ve got a campaign to run,” Pence said recently, according to Fox. “I promise you, this president, as soon as his doctors say so, he’s going to be back out there.”

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