‘Asked and answered’: Mike Pence says it’s not a stretch to call Joe Biden a socialist

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that he thinks Joe Biden is a “socialist.”

Breitbart asked the VP “whether branding Biden as a socialist would be effective in the 2020 presidential campaign.” According to the outlet, Pence’s answer was an emphatic yes.

“After the unity agenda came out, that question is now asked and answered,” Pence said Friday of the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, according to Breitbart.

Joe 2.0

During his early days in office, Joe Biden was known as a true moderate. But it seems we can kiss the old Biden goodbye.

Under pressure from the most progressive wing of his party, Biden has flip-flopped on everything from immigration to police reform — and he’s losing big-time supporters in the process.

Now, Pence’s latest comments could serve as the final nail in the coffin for voters wondering whether Biden would represent their interests as president. Unless “socialism” is your idea of a good time, Biden isn’t your man, Pence suggested.

“The radical left dominates the Democrat Party today,” the vice president told Breitbart.

According to Breitbart, Pence also indicated that all he and President Donald Trump have to do to get re-elected is to show voters the truth about Biden and his agenda.

“The truth always works. I really think that,” he told the network.

America “as we know it”

According to The Hill, Biden currently leads Trump in the polls by at least 15 points; the outlet said a recent survey “found that 55[%] of registered voters say they would vote for the former vice president if the 2020 election were held today, while 40[%] say they’d back Trump.” But there are still several months to go — and Biden, for his part, has been wasting a lot of campaign time hiding in his basement.

Meanwhile, President Trump is using his massive social media platform to expose the truth about Uncle Joe.

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