Pence on jailed felons voting in elections: ‘Not on our watch’

Vice President Mike Pence does not speak often but when he does, he carries an awfully big stick.

With Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) trying to drum up support for allowing incarcerated felons to vote, Pence ended the debate, stating, “I got news for you, Bernie. Not on our watch.”

Watch below:

Crazy Bernie

Bernie Sanders has come up with some doozies in his day, but offering to let murderers and terrorists vote is extreme even for him.

Kamala Harris, who is a former prosecutor, agreed with him initially during a Town Hall. She did, however, walk her comments back the very next day.

Sanders plans on trying to push this through whether he wins the White House or not, though.

‘Not on Our Watch’

Liberals have embraced the Sanders movement, but everyone else in the country is appalled at the idea of a terrorist being able to help decide who is president of this country.

“The same people who want to restrict the right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding citizens believe the Boston Marathon Bomber should be given the right to vote on Death Row,” Pence told the audience at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum on Friday.

“Violent convicted felons, murderers and terrorists should never be given the right to vote in prison,” he added. “Not now, not ever.”

Unlikely Proposal

The ONLY hope Sanders has of making this happen would be through an executive order. The chances of that happening are slim.

While never-Trumpers may consider voting for a Democrat come election day, it is highly unlikely they would sink so low as to allow Sanders to get his hands on the keys to the White House.

So, at least for now, Bernie is going to have to table his brilliant idea of turning the country over to criminals and accept the fact that common sense is going to win this battle.

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