Mike Pence: White House to fight impeachment by ‘telling the truth’

From before President Donald Trump was even sworn into office, some Democrats have been pushing incessantly to see him impeached and removed from office — and that constant drumbeat has led the country to the current stalemate in Congress. House Democrats have quit working on anything else to focus solely on an “impeachment inquiry” clearly designed to influence the 2020 election.

But the White House is not simply sitting back and watching it happen, and Vice President Mike Pence just made it abundantly clear in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham that he will help lead the charge in fighting back against the Democrats’ impeachment efforts.

Mueller, Kavanaugh and now this

In that interview, Pence noted that the current “impeachment inquiry” was just the latest effort by the left to attack and derail the Trump administration, coming on the heels of the two-year Robert Mueller-led special counsel investigation as well as the concerted effort to smear and destroy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 confirmation hearings — to say nothing of the general obstruction and resistance that has been going on since Inauguration Day.

“We went through two and a half years of the Mueller investigation with outlandish accusations of collusion and obstruction until the Justice Department found no collusion, no obstruction, case closed,” Pence told Ingraham.

He continued: “They took a brief break and were talking about impeaching Justice Kavanaugh after trying to smear his name and reputation a year ago.”

Fighting back with the truth

“And then, in the wake of all of this, suddenly we’re back to closed-door hearings on Capitol Hill, leaks — leaked information, all in an attempt to gin up another,” he added before being cut-off by Ingraham.

“What will you do?” Ingraham asked directly.

“Well, we’re just going to — we’re going to be out there telling the truth about this president’s record, and we’re going to be telling the truth about this partisan impeachment,” Pence said. “There’s no historical basis for what the Democrats in Congress are doing.”

Indeed, there isn’t a historical basis for how House Democrats are handling this “impeachment inquiry” with secretive closed-door hearings and selective leaks to a Democrat-allied media, as previous impeachments have begun with a formal floor vote authorizing an inquiry and setting ground rules that allow both sides — including the administration — to participate in open hearings and subpoena witnesses for testimony.

Focusing on what matters

Pence also tweeted out something else that was part of the exclusive interview with Ingraham — namely, a call for the cessation of the “endless investigations” and a vow to shift the focus toward the issues that are actually important to the American people.

This is excellent news for those who may have been growing worried about the House Democrats’ impeachment push, as Pence has made it clear that Trump’s White House will fight back and keep the focus on things other than the left’s prolonged temper-tantrum over losing the 2016 election, which is really all this impeachment effort is.

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