Pence responds to Lev Parnas: ‘I don’t know the guy’

Lev Parnas has been all over the media lately, claiming Vice President Mike Pence knew about everything Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was allegedly doing in regard to the Ukraine investigation into Hunter Biden.

During a campaign event in Florida, Pence responded to the charges about his connections to Parnas, denying allegations that he even knows Parnas in the first place. 

The Giuliani problem

Rudy Giuliani may have once been America’s favorite mayor, but he has proved to be a loose cannon as Trump’s private counsel. As this presidency has played out, Giuliani has been targeted by the left as a conspiracy theorist willing to deal with just about anyone to get his desired result.

To that point, Parnas was someone Giuliani associated with while he was allegedly was trying to get Ukrainian Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch ousted.

Parnas, a Ukrainian-born businessman, sat for an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, in which he made a litany of allegations against the Trump administration, including that the president used him to pressure Ukraine to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden.

Parnas was arrested in October for conspiring with his business partner, Igor Fruman, to funnel foreign cash into U.S. elections. The indicted businessman is now peddling his story to any mainstream media outlet that will have him.

Parnas’ claim

According to Parnas, Giuliani asked him to go to Ukraine to press the newly-elected president to conduct an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma.

Parnas claims that he was attached to the hip of Giuliani during this time and that he regularly heard Giuliani discussing the plan of attack with Vice President Pence.

When directly asked if he thought Pence was up to date on everything that was happening in regard to the alleged quid pro quo, Parnas stated, “He couldn’t have not known.”

Pence pushes back

Pence, as expected, pushed right back. The Vice President’s office has repeatedly stated the information Parnas is selling is completely false.

Parnas’ claims have been embraced by many on the left, while they have been rejected by Republicans as a “partisan hatchet job,” in the words of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper, a noted liberal and no friend of Trump, pointed out on Thursday that “we can’t ignore Parnas has a serious credibility problem.” Tapper warned Democrats not to treat Parnas as the “second coming of Theodore Roosevelt.” They would be wise to heed it.

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