Mike Pence: Americans want Dems to ‘move on’ from Mueller report, impeachment talk

In the wake of the special counsel’s final report, some Democrats have ignored the findings of no collusion and no obstruction and are insistent upon impeaching President Donald Trump over those very things.

But Vice President Mike Pence just suggested that Democrats should listen to the American people and “move on” from their impeachment efforts to instead focus on issues the people actually care about.

Case closed

In an interview with host Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Pence argued that the Mueller report meant “case closed” on the issue of election interference, alleged collusion, and obstruction of justice by the president.

“I was pleased to see the special counsel announced that the investigation is over. Case closed,” Pence said. “The special counsel sent his report, and he concluded that there was no collusion, and after a review of the facts the Department of Justice confirmed, no collusion, no obstruction.”

Watch Vice President Pence below:

“The American people want to see this Congress move on — move on to the things that are making a difference in their lives,” he added.

Answers delivered

Bartiromo noted how some of Mueller’s phraseology in his news conference had only served to further stoke Democratic talk of impeachment, and asked whether Pence was concerned about the potential for impeachment proceedings to begin.

“I wouldn’t know why there would be. I really wouldn’t,” Pence replied. “I mean, this president has been delivering for the American people.”

“These questions were raised about election interference, and we know that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections. We don’t believe it affected the outcome in any way, but we’ve held them accountable for that. We’ve taken steps to ensure that doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Referencing the overarching question of “collusion” between the campaign and Russia, Pence said, “The matter is entirely over, it’s entirely closed, the American people got the answers.”

Citing the administration’s extraordinary level of cooperation throughout the two-year Mueller investigation, the vice president added, “The American people now know that the investigation is at an end. They have their answers.”

Vice President Pence is absolutely right. The Mueller investigation concluded that there was no collusion and no real obstruction, and a majority of the American people would prefer Congress “move on” to focus on actual matters of importance instead of a baseless attempt to impeach President Trump.

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