‘Recovery begins today’: Pence delivers optimistic message following May employment report

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a message of hope to Americans on the heels of a better-than-expected jobs report in May, declaring that a “recovery begins today” following months of shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While millions of Americans are still out of work, Pence signaled that the road back to a robust economy could be shorter than most experts predicted.

Much of President Donald Trump’s first term was defined by a booming economy, and Pence believes the latest employment numbers show that the underlying fundamentals that made it successful are still in place.

“The American people are stepping up”

“This jobs report shows you the American people are stepping up, standing on that strong foundation that President Trump laid, the strong, resilient economy, the resilience of the American people, and this recovery begins today,” he said in a CNBC interview on Friday.

Along with the news of about 2.5 million jobs added last month came a jump in the stock market as investors demonstrate more confidence in the economy.

Even as there are millions of other jobs yet to be restored, it is clear the Trump administration is optimistic that May’s numbers constitute a new trend.

“Now we’re opening and we’re opening with a bang,” the president said in response to the latest report.

Of course, a reopened economy following the coronavirus outbreak has been hindered to some extent by curfews in effect to establish order as nationwide protests against police brutality have turned violent in many cities. To be sure, there is still plenty of work to do before the nation’s economy is once again on sure footing.

“They think 80% are reopening”

The White House continues to maintain its position that the U.S. is, as Trump’s re-election campaign promises, in the midst of a “transition to greatness.”

Pence reasoned that the real-time situation is likely much better than even the May reports suggest.

“It’s remarkable to think this jobs report today is actually from a survey in mid-May when roughly 50% of small businesses around America were starting to open,” he said. “The U.S. Chamber just did a survey where they think 80% are reopening.”

Americans of all stripes are facing the same uncertainty regarding the impact of prolonged shutdowns and civil unrest. As the vice president said this week, though, Trump supporters can look at the latest trends as a testament to the president’s leadership throughout these trials.

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