Pence defends Trump leadership on immigration reforms

Vice President Mike Pence recently sat down with Fox News’ Bret Baier to give some clarification on the new Mexico deal.

Before he got into the details, however, Pence made it very clear this deal was reached because of the “strong and decisive leadership” of President Trump.

The New Deal

Baier got right into it with Pence regarding the story in the New York Times that claimed this deal was already in the works. Pence agreed that some points of a deal had been discussed, but nothing was actually being put in play.

Furthermore, the president was able to work in new stipulations that will make our border more secure and our country much safer.

One of the new stipulations was in how many people a day the United States will be able to send back to Mexico while their asylum claims are being completed.

Additionally, Mexico will work much harder to check the citizenship of migrants traveling through Mexico to get to the United States.

Something else that was not publicized was the deal the administration has been working on with Guatemala.

Congress Needs to Step Up

After going over the details of the deal, Pence stated, “it’s time for Congress to start working with Congress” to help address the much-needed immigration reform we need to protect our borders.

As it stands now, Mexico has actually done more to protect our borders than our Congress has done. Democrats in office continue to stonewall the President.

In fact, they are actually stronger in their position to protect illegals than they are in protecting American citizens.

Pence also stated that while most of the details of the deal are known, Trump still has something up his sleeve. Vice President Pence would not go into detail as to what the “surprise’ is, but he says it will be forthcoming in the near future.

If all of these deals go through, Trump will have done more to reform immigration in a couple of months than Congress has managed to do in decades.

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