Pence’s Chief of Staff addresses rumors about Pence’s role in Ukraine relations

During this impeachment, Democrats have tried to implicate Vice President Mike Pence into their little coup.

Marc Short, Pence’s chief of staff, came forward to address the speculation and confirm that Trump never asked Pence to bring up the issue of the Bidens in any meetings with the Ukrainian president. 

Time to speak up

Conversations that take place between a president and vice president are generally not openly discussed in the media. The conversations are often considered classified, so typically the public never hears anything about them.

With Democrats now trying to tie Pence into this impeachment, Trump cleared Short to tell the media what he knew about these alleged conversations.

Short stated on Monday, “As a matter of policy we don’t typically share or discuss conversations between the President and Vice President, but given the journalistic fury over alleged conversations, the President has given me permission to set the record straight.”

“At no time did I hear him tie aid to Ukraine to investigations into the Biden family or Burisma. As White House Counsel presented today, based upon testimony provided by Democrat witnesses in the House hearings, these were the only issues that the Vice President discussed with Ukrainian officials.”

He only talked about corruption

President Trump has been wary of foreign aid long before he ever took the oath of office. As president, he wanted to be sure before any money was sent to any country with corruption problems, those corruption problems were first addressed.

Ukraine, of course, was at the top of that list, well-known as being one of the most corrupt countries in existence before the election of now-President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump was understandably not excited about sending a check for almost $400 million to Ukraine if the pattern of corruption was continued in the new administration.

Short concluded, “In every conversation with the President and the Vice President in preparation for our trip to Poland, the President consistently expressed his frustration that the United States was bearing the lion’s share of responsibility for aid to Ukraine and that European nations weren’t doing their part.”

According to Short, conversations between Trump and Pence in regard to Ukraine centered on corruption, not specifically the Bidens. There are now so many conflicting stories, we may never truly know what happened behind the scenes.

What we do know is that Ukraine got their money with no commitment of any kind to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for something they want to believe, not what actually happened.

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