VP Pence announces Orion capsule ready for manned moon missions

Vice President Mike Pence chose a historic day to make an announcement that rocked the space industry.

On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Pence declared the United States ready to send astronauts back to the moon.

Back in the Space Race

In recent years, funding for our space program has been cut dramatically.

Once the shuttle was retired, for the first time in NASA history, we were more reliant on other countries than our own space program for missions.

President Donald Trump vowed to recharge our space program during the election season and so far, he has delivered.

This announcement comes at a time when one could make the case the Russians are actually winning the space race right now, and the Chinese are catching up rather quickly.

The Orion capsule is going to change all of that dramatically. If and when the Orion capsule is launched, we will once again be able to stake claim to the moon.

Not only that, the United States is expected to land the first woman on the moon.


The new Artemis program is set to have Americans back on the moon by 2024.

Not only that, the program will finally allow Americans to have a sustainable presence on the moon’s surface.

“We’re investing in new rockets, new spaceships,” Pence said. “We’re unleashing the burgeoning private space industry.”

For the first time in years, Americans will no longer rely on Russian rockets. Pence announced that within a year’s time, we can expect American rockets to once again take our astronauts into space.

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