Top Pence adviser slams impeachment testimony of aide Jennifer Williams

Democrats have consistently tried to pass off perception as fact during this impeachment inquiry.

But now, Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, Vice President Mike Pence’s national security adviser, has come forward to slam subordinate Pence aide Jennifer Williams for her testimony indicating that she thought something was “unusual” about the president’s July phone call with Ukraine, The Epoch Times reports.

Conflicting stories

The outrage and speculation from major players in Ukraine ran rampant, yet it took a whistleblower complaint from someone who was apparently not even in the loop to create the firestorm in which we are immersed today.

We learned on Tuesday that the likely source of leaks about the call may have been Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. When Republicans pushed to find out to whom Vindman had voiced his concerns, however, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) cut them off and would not allow them down that path, purportedly in order to protect the identity of the whistleblower.

Someone we would think would have sounded the alarm over the call it had been truly problematic was Jennifer Williams, an adviser for Pence on foreign affairs. While she raised no concerns about the call at the time, during her testimony, Williams stated that the call had, to her, seemed “unusual.”

Lt. General Kellogg pushed back on that, stating: “I heard nothing wrong or improper on the call. I had and have no concerns.”

He continued: “Ms. Williams was also on the call, and as she testified, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to me, her direct supervisor, regarding the call.

“In fact, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to any other member of the Vice President’s staff, including our Chief of Staff and the Vice President,” he said.

The bogus narrative continues

Democrats are trying very hard to make the case that President Trump wrongfully tied a White House meeting with the Ukrainian president and/or the release of U.S. aid to Ukraine to an agreement to investigate the Bidens.

The testimony of Ambassador Gordon Sondland on Wednesday was perhaps the closest they have come so far, but they are still falling short.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Sondland also specifically stated that he spoke to Trump directly to determine precisely what the president’s intentions were, testifying that Trump said he wanted nothing in return from Ukraine — no quid pro quo.

The longer these hearings go on, the more it appears as though a group of bureaucrats who disagreed with Trump’s foreign policy is playing a key role in the Democrats’ attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election, no matter what it takes.

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