Plane carrying 42 people crashes in Alaska, killing 1

Locals in Alaska endured a horrific scare when a PenAir plane traveling from Anchorage to Dutch Harbor crashed at the end of a runway.

Miraculously, the bulk of the passengers escaped without harm, but there were ten injuries and one fatality as a result of the crash.

Scary Moments

As bad as this accident was, it could have been far worse. The plane skidded to a stop literally inches from going into a local waterway, which surely would have led to significantly more injuries and perhaps more deaths.

Local authorities have reported they currently have no information as to why the plane went off the runway.

According to witnesses, however, the plane landed on its second pass, and it appeared as though the plane had no brakes once it touched down, but that is pure speculation at this point with no official report filed as of yet.

As it was, one man died a result of the accident, 38-year-old David Allan Oltman. Another passenger was critically injured and was flown to Anchorage for care, while nine other passengers were also injured.

Local reports stated that in addition to a swim team, most of the passengers were locals coming in for work.

“Not Our Fault”

PenAir was quick to release a statement indicating that although this was one of their planes, the accident was not caused by its equipment or personnel.

According to a PenAir representative, the aircraft was being flown by Ravn, the company which also trained the pilots involved.

The founder of PenAir, Orin Seybert, stated, “I really hate that it happened, but this accident was not PenAir’s fault even though it was one of our airplanes. That was a total Ravn operation.”

Ravn is the same company that came under fire for a 2016 accident that killed one passenger and two pilots.

The Dutch Harbor crash is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Authority.

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