Pelosi’s anti-Trump comments get her banned from House floor

Even during the most contentious of political cycles, House decorum must be followed.

Pelosi broke those rules this week by calling Trump’s comments racist, which is a personality-based attack, something that requires the individual who said it to be banned for the remainder of the day.

Breaking the Rules

In reality, this attack by Pelosi against Trump is a perfect way to describe what is going on in Washington these days. Democrats are breaking virtually every rule on the books to take down Trump.

The fact that the House speaker was willing to break the rules is evidence of how little regard Democrats have for our political system today.

It is also worth noting Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who was serving as the Chairman, walked off the floor himself over Pelosi’s comments.

He also pointed to the fact that all anyone wants to do these days in Washington is attack. They have all forgotten they were elected to office to serve the people of this country, not to act like petulant children.

Impeachment Talk

Being banned from the floor did not stop Pelosi from moving forward to introduce a House resolution that would hang the “racist” tag over Trump’s head for the remainder of his term in office.

The resolution passed, with four Republicans going over to the dark side to support the measure. The “racist” tweets by Trump also gave Rep. Al Green (D-TX) the courage to move forward with calling for the impeachment of Trump.

This will be Green’s third attempt at impeaching Trump, but it will be the first time he introduced the papers with Pelosi presiding over the House.

Even so, it is unlikely Green’s measure will pass through the House because Pelosi went on the record again to say she does not support the measure.

This is not exactly the stance you would expect from someone that just called the President a racist. But, that is what Pelosi does. She likes to throw around allegations without any actual proof or action against them. If she truly believed Trump was a racist, why would she not want him out of the White House by any means necessary?

Rather than take a vote on Green’s resolution, it is far more likely that Pelosi will table the resolution or pass it along to the House Judiciary Committee for review, where it will likely die a slow death.

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