Report: New poll shows Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating just tanked

Throughout the recent partial government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) steadfastly refused to negotiate at all with President Donald Trump to end the standoff over border security funding, and received ample praise for her fortitude from her Democratic base and an allied media.

Unfortunately for Pelosi, a recent poll by NBC News revealed that Pelosi’s firm intransigence against working with Trump may not play well with those outside of her base, as her approval numbers took a substantial hit.

Pelosi viewed negatively after shutdown

The not-so-good poll numbers for Pelosi were discovered and shared on social media by National Journal politics editor Josh Kraushaar.

He noted that Pelosi’s negative rating “shot up” during the shutdown to grant her the dubious honor of having the largest negative spread in popularity.

Kraushaar tweeted:

Kraushaar noted in a follow-up tweet that he agreed with the general consensus among the left that Pelosi had “won” the shutdown showdown against Trump, but wondered if the hit to her popularity would result in consequences.

Will she still be able to hold together a solid caucus of Democrats?

Widest negative popularity rating for Pelosi

As seen in the NBC poll results, Pelosi received a positive approval rating from only 28 percent of respondents, while she was viewed with disapproval by 47 percent of poll respondents, leaving her with a negative approval spread of 19 points — the highest of any politician listed in the poll.

In comparison, President Trump had higher numbers in both the approval and disapproval columns — 39 percent positive to 51 percent negative — but because of the much higher positive approval number, he only saw a negative spread of 12 points in terms of his approval.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was also included in the poll, and he fared only marginally better than Pelosi overall, as his positive approval rating was a meager 17 percent while his negative disapproval rating was 35 percent, leaving him with a negative popularity margin of 18 points.

As for the two political parties involved, they both polled with remarkably similar numbers, a rather surprising result given the incredibly one-sided coverage of the shutdown by the media that consistently portrayed Democrats in a good light while demonizing the Republicans.

[show_poll poll_id=7941]

Despite the media bias, Democrats only beat Republicans by one point in the approval column — 35 to 34 percent positive — while they only managed to beat Republicans by three points in the negative disapproval column — 40 to 43 percent negative — leaving negative margins of 5 points for Democrats and 9 points for Republicans.

There is no question that the media worked hard to portray Nancy Pelosi as the best and most popular political leader throughout the shutdown, but it seems like the American people saw right through her façade.

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