Pelosi says she would receive approved COVID-19 vaccine ‘as a model’ for other Americans

Even as the number of positive coronavirus results grows among the nation’s political leaders, the Trump administration’s push to develop an effective vaccine continues.

In remarks this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she is considering receiving a vaccine for the virus when it is introduced to the public, as reported by the New York Post.

“I’m not a big needle fan”

Although she acknowledged she is “not a big needle taker,” Pelosi signaled an interest in setting an example with her own behavior to encourage other Americans to also get vaccinated.

Recent surveys indicate a significant number of Americans are hesitant about receiving a vaccine soon after it hits the market.

Pelosi addressed the issue during a press conference on Thursday, joking that she “had a hard time getting [her] ears pierced” but would nevertheless consider sitting down for a COVID-19 vaccine shot when it becomes available.

“I’m not a big needle fan,” she reiterated, as the New York Post reported. “I mean, they have to talk me into the flu shot under great duress each year — but if it serves as a model to other people, yes I would take the vaccine if it is approved by the regular order of things.”

It is that approval process that some Democrats, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, have cited in expressing doubt regarding the reliability of any vaccine introduced in the near term.

“They’re recklessly endangering lives”

President Donald Trump, who announced this week that he had tested positive for COVID-19, has made it clear that he is eager to see a vaccine made available as soon as possible. During a White House press briefing last month, he criticized Biden for his skepticism regarding a forthcoming vaccine.

“I’m calling on Biden to stop promoting anti-vaccine theories because all they’re doing is hurting the importance of what we’re doing,” he said at the time, according to a separate report from the Post. “They’re recklessly endangering lives.”

In contrast, Pelosi seems to be bucking her party’s trend to some extent and promising to lead by example — unlike her maskless visit to a hair salon earlier this year.

White House coronavirus task force adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress last month that medical experts are increasingly optimistic that a viable vaccine will be fully developed by the end of the year.

When that time comes, Pelosi will have an opportunity to make good on her promise.

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