Fox legal analyst: Pelosi could end up ‘walking away’ from impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be in for a humiliating defeat over the Democrat attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

Fox News legal analyst Doug Burns is predicting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats “may end up walking away” from impeachment because the political risks are just too high.

Pelosi “may end up walking away from this”

After resisting the demands from the left for months, Pelosi finally relented and unilaterally authorized an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. But even with Pelosi’s blessing, impeachment could still backfire.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or an MIT professor to know that they didn’t do a vote because they didn’t want to have people stand up in districts that were against it and have to vote for it,” Burns said during an episode of “Deep Dive” on Fox Nation.

“That is the big elephant in the room that makes it very, very tough, and I’m gonna make this wild prediction that they may end up walking away from this,” he continued.

Pressed by program host Bill McGurn to expand upon that, Burns said, “I think they’re gonna come out and say — as lawyers, you know, there’s always a rhetorical flourish for everything, which achieves your goals semantically and rhetorically — so, ‘We do not want to put the American public through this type of debacle. However, of course, it’s fully warranted,’ they’ll say.”

Democrats backed into a corner

McGurn seemed skeptical and indicated that he believed that Democrats had backed themselves into a corner and had no options other than to press forward with impeachment.

“I don’t see how… Mrs. Pelosi, once she’s taken this step, I don’t see how you can do it and I think if you don’t impeach the president, it looks like another Mueller report,” McGurn said. “All these promises, ‘We’re gonna get him. We finally got him on the ropes and we don’t do it.’ I find it hard to believe the House won’t impeach.”

Fellow panelist Tom Del Beccaro, former chair of the California Republican Party, sided with McGurn and noted that he’d predicted before the 2018 midterm elections that Democrats would be forced to try and impeach Trump — the party base wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise.

The third panelist, former Obama State Department official and campaign adviser David Tafuri, also said he believes that Democrats would press forward, though he implied it would be dragged out into the next year.

Tafuri expressed the shared wish of Democrats that enough Republicans in the Senate would be convinced, over time, to join the effort to removed Trump from office.

An interesting theory

Burns’ theory is certainly intriguing. It would seemingly allow Pelosi to carefully straddle the fence by placating the base with an impeachment effort to smear Trump ahead of the 2020 election while at the same time saving vulnerable members from having to make the consequential vote that could cost them their political careers.

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