Pelosi exposed for vowing to match campaign donations but failing to do so

Conservatives have long known House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to be a particularly dishonest politician, but it appears that her deceptions have reached such a level that even some in the liberal media have begun to call her out.

A recent report exposed Pelosi for routinely engaging in the deceptive practice of soliciting donations to her campaign with a vow to “personally” match those donations — only it appears that she has never actually followed through on that promise, Breitbart reported.

In other words, Pelosi has allegedly been lying to her own supporters by falsely promising to use her own exceptional wealth of funds to match, up to certain multiples, smaller donations made by Democratic supporters to her congressional re-election campaign.

Promises made, but not kept

The news came in a Monday evening “scoop” from Axios, which revealed that, according to federal records, Pelosi has yet to contribute a single dime of her own personal fortune to her re-election efforts.

The outlet’s report was based on information derived from a pair of email databases — one maintained by researchers at Princeton University, the other compiled by the Defending Democracy Together Institute — which showed that, from January through at least mid-May, Pelosi’s campaign had sent out at least 50 different emails pledging to “personally” match donations, often up to multiples of three or four times what had been contributed.

However, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has no records on file of Pelosi ever personally donating any funds whatsoever to her own “Nancy Pelosi for Congress” campaign. Meanwhile, Axios reported that other federal records show Pelosi’s campaign received upwards of $4 million in donations in the first fiscal quarter of this year.

Pelosi could easily afford to match donations

Keep in mind that, according to OpenSecrets, Pelosi’s estimated net worth as of 2018 was around $115 million — and there is no reason to believe her wealth has been diminished since then; in fact, odds are it is even greater now — meaning that she most certainly has the capacity to make good on her repeated vows to “personally” match donations to her campaign.

According to Axios, political fundraising emails promising to match donations are a fairly common strategy employed by politicians on both sides of the aisle, but Pelosi’s use of the tactic seems slightly different in that her solicitation emails strongly imply that she herself will be the one to put up her own money in the way of matching funds.

In most cases, such emails are worded in such a way that it is unclear who, whether it be an individual or entity, will be matching the donations solicited.

This is noteworthy because federal election laws limit how much an individual or entity can donate to a particular politician — meaning the matching typically only involve small dollar amounts, on average around $200 or less — but there are no such limits on how much a politician can donate to their own campaign.

Potential legal issue

All of this could potentially lead to legal troubles for Pelosi, as Axios noted that the Justice Department has recently cast a sharp eye of scrutiny on the “legally questionable” practice of promising to match donations without actually following through on such vows.

The outlet further noted that Pelosi’s office refused to respond to multiple requests for comment regarding what certainly appears to be a rather deceptive means of fundraising that involves making promises to supportive donors that are never actually fulfilled.

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