Pelosi urges ‘unity’ among Democrats amid bickering between moderate, progressive wings

While Democratic Party leaders and mainstream media outlets predicted an expanded majority for the party in the House of Representatives, Republican candidates across the country managed to flip roughly a dozen seats.

As a result, Democrats are on pace to retain control by the slimmest of margins, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to issue a call for calm and unity among members of her caucus.

“We must work as a team”

Her advisory came in the form of a “Dear Colleague” letter amid reports of fighting between moderates and progressives over which wing bore the most blame for the party’s collective underperformance, as reported by The Hill.

Of course, Pelosi’s message of unity might not be particularly well-received as much of the finger-pointing within the party has been aimed directly in her direction.

Nevertheless, she began the letter released on Monday by thanking incoming Democratic lawmakers for achieving the party’s goals ahead of the next legislative term.

Pelosi went on to stress the need for sitting House Democrats to complete their remaining tasks in the lame-duck session and focus on supporting the party’s candidates in a pair of run-off races in Georgia that will determine which party achieves a governing majority in the Senate.

“In this fight, we must work as a team,” she wrote.

“Our unity is our power”

Pelosi repeated her assertion that “our diversity is our strength, our unity is our power,” using the phrase as a segue into her “thoughts on advocacy” among Democratic officials.

“We advocate because we believe we can convince others of our point of view,” she added. “If we advocate to unify, we can prevail.”

The speaker claimed that her caucus “draws strength from the ongoing confersations that we continuously have to build consensus and ensure that the legislation we put forward is respectful of the thinking and values of all Members,” insisting that she is looking forward “to our continuing this productive dialogue.”

Meanwhile, centrists and moderates are arguing that Pelosi and the far-left faction of the party are responsible for costing so many seats in the recent election.

As Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) argued during a caucus conference call a short time after Election Day: “Tuesday, from a Congressional standpoint, was a failure — it was not a success. If we want to talk about funding social services and ensuring good engagement and community policing, let’s talk about what we are for. And we need to not ever use the words ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again. … We lost good members because of that.”

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