Pelosi tells President Trump not to run in 2020 in Rolling Stone interview

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s promise to work with Republicans after she took over as Speaker?

Well, all that went out the window and she revealed her true self during a recent Rolling Stone interview. When asked what she would say to President Donald Trump, Pelosi stated, “Do the country a favor, don’t run.”

Divisive Message

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was one of four liberal congresswomen interviewed by the magazine. The others were Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Jahaha Hayes (D-CT).

In a video short created to promote the piece, each woman was given an opportunity to answer several questions to tease readers about the upcoming article.

While Omar and Hayes had rather neutral messages, both Pelosi and her new hired gun AOC made it quite clear they have no intention of ever making peace with the Republican party or this president.

When AOC was asked what she would say if she were talking directly to Trump, she said she would not even bother saying anything because it just isn’t worth it.

Our Way or the Highway

If everyone is paying attention, they will clearly see the Democrats are making a massive power grab.

Politicians like AOC are not in office to represent the people, they are there to push their own personal agenda.

AOC does not like big business, so she harassed Amazon to the point the company dropped New York out of consideration.

Amazon would have created roughly 25,000 jobs for people in New York, but AOC told them to take a hike. She did this even though the majority of New Yorkers supported the venture.

Pelosi has had much the same attitude, recently going so far as to threaten Democrats that she would revoke party funding for elections if they did not support the party line.

Clearly, Pelosi and AOC are no longer interested in carrying out the will of We the People.

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