Pelosi has trouble speaking – again – at anti-Trump protest

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi appear to have more in common than just the Democrat party.

During a recent appearance, Pelosi was caught on tape stumbling and losing her trend of thought on multiple occasions.

Something Wrong

Pelosi has been stumbling, stuttering, lying, and just about everything else you can imagine for months now.

Hillary was suffering from many of these same symptoms during her failed presidential run.

Is there some type of brain issue?

Is Pelosi hitting the bottle a little too much?

Just watch her during this appearance and it is quite apparent one of both of the above are true…


Not only is Pelosi having trouble focusing at these events, but she is also spreading untruths.

While most politicians stretch the truth on occasion, Pelosi is just flat out lying.

During her speech, she claims there are some 86 million middle-class families in our country.

According to the 2013 Census, there are roughly 58 million middle-class households.

Did she misread a number or was she just randomly babbling?

Freebies Are the Future

As many of her fellow Democrats do, Pelosi tends to turn every event and appearance into a push for entitlement programs.

This is the complete opposite of the conservative stance, where working hard is rewarded.

Democrats are trying to lure younger voters into their fold, so this approach makes sense.

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Today’s “Me” generation wants free tuition, an insanely high minimum wage, and promotions for just showing up for work.

It has become very clear Democrats could care less about people chasing the American dream and are more concerned with those that expect the dream to be handed to them on a silver platter.

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