House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t treating the Mueller report like she treated Starr’s

Bill Clinton’s affairs continue to haunt the Democratic Party, and this time it is Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that is taking the fall for it.

A 1998 video of Pelosi arguing for then-President Bill Clinton to have access to then-Special Counsel Ken Starr’s report before it was released to the public is blowing up the internet — and things don’t look good for the House speaker.

A Moving Argument

Nancy Pelosi made a very sound argument as to why Bill Clinton should have early access to the report.

After all, he was entitled to defend himself against any evidence and conclusions reached in the report, right?

In her defense of Clinton, Pelosi stated: “Why would you not afford the President of the United States the same opportunity you were given by the Ethics Committee of having almost a week’s advance notice to review the charges against you, and so that you could have your response be part of the report?”

Pelosi also lamented how upset our Founding Fathers would be at what was taking place and encouraged her fellow representatives in Congress to not rush to judgment.

Big Problem for Pelosi the Hypocrite

We’re not sure what has changed since 1998, but Pelosi is currently doing the complete opposite of what she railed for so passionately back then.

Oh, that’s right. A Republican would benefit this time, so her old posture goes right out the window.

Democrats, led by Pelosi, did not want to afford President Donald Trump the opportunity to see Robert Mueller’s report before it was published.

They did not want Trump to have a single second of an advantage over anyone else seeing the report.

Now, Pelosi has even joined her fellow Democrats in shredding Attorney General William Barr and demanding his resignation from office.

Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have also rushed to judgment. They had Trump guilty of collusion without a single shred of evidence.

Now, they are taking a few crumbs left behind by Mueller and getting ready to introduce impeachment papers against Trump.

The sad thing here is that no mainstream media outlet will even question her and put her on the spot regarding her change in position.

For some reason, our politicians are allowed to say and do anything they want when attacking another politician without repercussion. Damn the facts! Just create a great soundbite that will get them more attention!

Since the media won’t call her out on it, it is up to us to do it. Nancy, you’re a hypocrite.

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