Pelosi puts USMCA trade deal on hold in favor of impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has decided impeachment is to be prioritized over all else in Congress — to the detriment of Americans.

Pelosi has put the House vote on the U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) on hold until Democrats find something on Donald Trump, Breitbart reports.

Delayed deal

Nancy Pelosi has chosen to focus on impeachment, delaying the vote on the USMCA, which is meant to replace the archaic and deeply flawed North American Free Trade Agreement, better known as NAFTA, Fox Business reports. It has always been a goal of President Trump to scrap NAFTA and replace it with a better agreement.

Indeed, NAFTA gutted American manufacturing as it encouraged companies to move to Mexico, where there were less restrictive worker rights laws. It was cheaper to manufacture there and ship goods back to the U.S.

Trump has been adamant about the fact that we need a change to help American workers and the American economy. Now, all that has to happen to seal the deal is for Congress to approve it — but they can’t do that without the OK from Pelosi.

Indeed, Pelosi is delaying the vote on the agreement in favor of impeachment, costing the country billions in potential economic growth, according to CNBC. On Thursday, she confirmed her intentions to put it off, saying: “I’m not even sure if we came to an agreement today that it would be enough time to finish [this year], but just depends on how much agreement we come to.”

She has even come under fire from moderate Democrats who are afraid that delaying the passage of the agreement jeopardizes their seats in the house.

Tunnel vision

Indeed, Nancy Pelosi’s decision to delay the passage of the USMCA in favor of impeachment confirms that she doesn’t have the best interests of the American people at heart.

Obviously, the USMCA will be a massive victory for President Trump and will bolster the economy moving into the election year, and Democrats are desperate to undercut Trump’s achievements as the election approaches.

The economy is the single most important issue for most Americans, according to Bankrate, and if Trump can ride that wave, it could give him a decisive victory next year.

The other reason Democrats may be choosing impeachment over passing the USMCA is that their failure to impeach could be a death blow to Democrats’ aspirations for control. If their efforts to incriminate Trump fail, it could cost a lot of Democrats in the House their positions when elections come around.

Still, the American people will not look kindly on an attempt to impeach President Trump with no evidence. Democrats need to stop playing political games and pass the USMCA for the good of the nation.

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