Pelosi heads to El Salvador to find migration solution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is actually trying to do something productive with her time off.

Pelosi has left the country with a congressional delegation to visit several of the countries where the bulk of the recent immigrants have been leaving to better understand the problems in these countries.

Addressing the Issues

Putting partisan politics aside for a moment, this is exactly what leadership in the House should be doing. While Pelosi’s trip will surely turn into an attack against the Trump administration at some point, for now, she is doing the right thing.

Illegal immigration is obviously a major problem for this country and it needs to be addressed. The idea of helping to fix these countries has been floated before, which is apparently why Pelosi is headed there now.

Most experts are in agreement that it would be far less costly to the United States to help these countries fix their problems than allow them to continue this onslaught of illegal migrants over our border.

As it stands now, roughly 2.5 million migrants from El Salvador already live here in the United States.

The Trump administration has been trying to restrict how many asylum applications will be accepted from Central American countries, but it has met with legal resistance.

If Pelosi can manage to put politics aside and actually present this administration with a real solution to decrease the number of people fleeing this country, Trump would surely be willing to listen.

Pelosi’s Tour

El Salvador is but one stop for the congressional delegation. After El Salvador, they are expected to visit Guatemala and Honduras before returning to the United States.

Once back in the states, the delegation is expected to head to McAllen, TX to visit immigrant detention facilities.

If Pelosi manages to keep politics out of the picture during the trip, that will surely end when she gets to Texas.

There is little doubt she will use any problems she sees to take a shot at Trump rather than work toward an actual solution.

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