Pelosi maneuvering to add third article of impeachment: Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is standing strong in her refusal to advance the articles of impeachment, and according to reports, the plot is about to thicken even more.

According to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Nancy Pelosi may be planning to reverse the course on the current articles of impeachment and focus on adding a third article to the effort against President Donald Trump, Breitbart reports.

It’s in the courts

Unbeknownst to most Americans, Democrat leadership is already laying the groundwork to add a third article of impeachment. The revelation came to light when Rep. McCarthy was appearing on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show.

According to Breitbart, McCarthy stated: “An interesting thing happened just yesterday in the U.S. District Court of Appeals inside D.C. Pelosi’s House Attorney, Douglas Letter, made the argument before a judge that they could offer another Article of Impeachment.”

McCarthy did not go into much more detail than that, but we can assume that case is one of several that have been in the court system over Trump exerting executive privilege to prevent White House officials from testifying in the impeachment process.

These were all cases that Pelosi refused to allow to play out in the courts before creating and approving the articles of impeachment. This was one of the reasons everyone was so critical of her for forcing the impeachment to move forward so quickly.

McCarthy pointed out that since the Democrats’ only agenda is impeachment, and the current impeachment case will be unceremoniously thrown out of the Senate, Democrats could use this court decision to re-work the impeachment case yet again using new testimony.

It doesn’t stop there

Nancy Pelosi and her cohort of anti-Trump Democrat colleagues will stop at nothing to block Trump’s every move. With each passing day, it becomes more apparent what their true intentions are.

In addition to the threat of a third article of impeachment, Trump is also staring down the barrel of new war powers legislation.

On Monday, Pelosi announced the House will introduce new legislation to limit the military actions of Trump against Iran.

In essence, Pelosi wants to hamstring Trump from being able to retaliate against Iran in any way unless that approval comes from Congress.

You have to give the Dems credit — they have created more ways to obstruct and steal power during the last three years than at any other time in our history.

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