Pelosi supports review process to determine which historical statues should be removed

Protesters and public officials alike have expressed a desire to see the removal of problematic and offensive historical monuments in areas across the United States.

While most of these efforts have focused on Confederate leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared this week that a wide range of public statues and memorials should be reviewed for possible action, the Daily Mail reported.

“I’m all for it”

According to the Daily Mail, Pelosi’s latest comments on the topic came on Thursday during an interview with The Washington Post.

“We have a list of grievances that are part of the early years of our country, and we do not want that to be continued by glorifying any of the people who perpetrated those injustices,” Pelosi explained.

Of course, her proposal for determining which monuments are worthy of being displayed was notably short on specifics and could mean that monuments honoring any number of prominent historical figures would end up on the chopping block.

“Have a review in terms of let’s take it down safely so that we’re not hurting anybody when the statue comes down or costing more money to get rid of it or get rid of the defacing of something that maybe shouldn’t have been,” Pelosi said, according to the Daily Mail. “I’m all for it. Let’s review this. Why are we glorifying the sins of the past?”

The House speaker has previously endorsed efforts to remove portraits and statues of Confederate generals on display at the Capitol building.

Trump sounds off

A larger movement, which has even included talk of removing Mount Rushmore, illustrates another point of disagreement between Democrats and Republicans in a deeply divided election year.

After protesters attempted to remove a statue of Andrew Jackson from a park near the White House this week, President Donald Trump issued a series of firm statements denouncing the behavior.

He announced on Friday that he had issued a “strong” executive order with the intention of protecting the nation’s historical monuments, according to the Associated Press.

Trump has also threatened lengthy prison sentences for those convicted of defacing or destroying such memorials.

While the president is standing against those who want to remove historical landmarks, Democrats seem increasingly willing to assist in that goal. It will be up to voters to determine which course of action is best for the nation’s future.

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