Pelosi signals willingness to support Sanders at top of Democratic ticket

It looks like the Democratic Party may be about to cave in when it comes to Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT).

After numerous reports of resistance among leadership, MSN is now reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has stated she is willing to get behind a ticket with Sanders at the top of it.

Surprise, surprise!

Democrats love to cite our Founding Fathers when it is convenient, but their current antics probably have even the most liberal-minded of them turning in their graves.

Sanders wants to turn the United States into a socialist country, and he has made no secret of that fact throughout his career.

That is why so many were shocked when he garnered impressive levels of support during the Democratic presidential primaries in 2016.

We now know, though, that the party establishment only tolerated his presence because they knew they had stacked the deck against him in favor of Hillary Clinton.

With former Vice President Joe Biden running this year, party elites likely assumed that Sanders would never claim frontrunner status, but he is now solidly in place and polling well in Super Tuesday states.

On Wednesday, Speaker Pelosi was asked if she would be comfortable with Sanders on the ticket, and she offered a single word in response: “Yes.”

Not Everyone is Comfortable

While Pelosi said she is comfortable, not everyone is drinking the Sanders Kool-Aid just yet. CNBC recently reported that Democrat megadonor Bernard Schwartz is calling on party leadership to back someone else in the race immediately in order to stop Sanders’ ascent, saying:

We should know who is the best person to beat Donald Trump, and with all due respect, Bernie Sanders cannot beat Trump.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently indicated that he was not going to pick a candidate in the primary race but would back whomever prevailed, a position Schwarz believes is a mistake, opining: “They have good political reasons not to endorse until the primary is over, but I think we are losing too much if we give up on this position.”

If Biden does not have a good showing on Super Tuesday, this race could be all but over by next week, barring any convention shenanigans this summer designed to hand the nomination to another candidate altogether.

Bernie Sanders has quickly gone from a nuisance to a legitimate threat to our Republic and sadly, the Democratic Party is responsible.

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