Pelosi suffers ‘brain freeze’ as she attacks Trump, border wall

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi once again targeted President Donald Trump during her weekly press conference.

However, Pelosi suffered several brain freezes as she mumbled her way through most of her attacks.

Watch the condensed version of Pelosi’s speech below, as compiled by The American Mirror:

Painful to Watch

Pelosi’s weekly pressers have become so painful to watch, they should start coming with a Surgeon General’s warning.

Every week it sounds as though she is having a battle with Alzheimer’s when she is standing at the podium.

Her thoughts are scrambled, she often mumbles, and she really seems as though she is just making stuff up as she goes along to get a headline.

Some of her more entertaining mistakes were calling the shutdown a “shuntdown” and her inability to say the word “Mine” when discussing the United Mine Workers.

If her press conference were a traffic accident, there would have been a traffic jam for two miles with people amazed at the carnage.

Still Telling Lies

What is even worse than the brain freezes is the fact Pelosi is still spreading untruths when she gets the microphone.

She once again made the claim she wants to cancel the SOTU address for security reasons.

However, we have already been reassured by both our Homeland Secretary and the Secret Service that full protection would be in effect for the address.

This completely refutes Pelosi’s claim that Homeland told her there were concerns and the speech should not take place.

Still Blaming Trump

Pelosi also continues to put the onus of the shutdown on Trump.

Now, while the president is the one that shut it down, he is not the one keeping it closed.

There have been several reports of Trump offering compromises, including DACA exemptions, but the Dems simply do not want to talk, period.

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So, if conservatives are willing to swallow a big, nasty pill for current DACA recipients, shouldn’t liberals be willing to provide better border security so we never have this problem again?

The ball is in your court, Ms. Pelosi.

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