Pelosi storms out of White House meeting with Trump

Democrats are creating more drama led by none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

While attending a White House meeting specifically to discuss the Syrian troop withdrawal, Nancy Pelosi lost her cool and ended up walking out of the meeting, according to Fox News.

The Walkout

The more information that is provided about the meeting, the more it looks like Democrats staged this entire walkout. According to reports, Pelosi went after Trump right out of the gate over the Syrian troop withdrawal.

She was quick to tout the bipartisan legislation that was passed in the House to block Trump’s move. While this meeting was taking place, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was telling the media he actually wanted to pass tougher legislation against the move.

Under attack from all angles, Trump did not hold back, reportedly calling Pelosi either a “third-grade politician” or a “third-rate politician,” depending which report you read.

Either way, Pelosi did not take the insult very well, so she and her Democrat buddies stormed out of the White House right to a podium to discuss the meeting with the media.

Spin or Meltdown?

When Pelosi left the meeting, she immediately told the media that Donald Trump had a meltdown and the country should be praying for his health, because that is what she was going to do.

However, pictures from the meeting show Pelosi as the one that appeared to be having a meltdown, standing up, waving her finger angrily, and apparently shouting at Trump.

Between Pelosi’s actions and comments, it seems very apparent that Pelosi orchestrated this entire thing to make Trump look bad.

What we are being treated to right now is pure political theater on the part of the Democrats rather than actual representation in office.

Unfortunately, it is likely we will see anything but this until they either defeat Trump or have him removed from office.

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