Nancy Pelosi is still ‘not there’ on impeaching Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to blast the president over alleged wrongdoings — but she remains hesitant to move forward with impeachment.

While she does agree impeachment proceedings are still on the table, Pelosi is apparently still “not there yet” in committing to impeach President Donald Trump.

Criticizing Trump

Even though the speaker of the House will not move to impeach Trump — at least not yet — that has not stopped her from throwing insult after insult in Trump’s direction.

“The Russians had a systemic overall assault on our electoral system and what we also did see is that the President of the United States engaged in behavior that was unethical, unscrupulous, and beneath the dignity of the office,” Pelosi said.

The wording used by Pelosi is rather interesting here.

Presidents can be impeached for conduct unbecoming the office, so she may be saving that one for a rainy day.

As to her comments — well, we think she may be confusing her presidents.

Obama Did Nothing

Through Robert Mueller’s report, we know the Russians had infiltrated election systems and created troll networks targeting elections as far back as 2014.

The Barack Obama administration did absolutely nothing about it, though.

At first, Obama was reluctant to act because he needed Russia to put pressure on Iran so his secret deal could go through — a deal, by the way, that blew up in Obama’s face when pallets of taxpayer dollars were filmed being handed off to Iran.

Then, Obama apparently didn’t want to do anything out of fear that it would have made it appear as though he was helping Hillary Clinton.

In essence, Obama overlooked the acts of Russia to make himself look better. In the process, he risked the integrity of our elections, but also set the stage for this bogus investigation into “collusion” between Trump and the Russians.

So Pelosi actually got part of her sentiment right: the conduct of the president was unethical and unscrupulous. But it isn’t Trump that she should be talking about — it should be her darling, President No. 44.

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