Pelosi and House Democrats are trying to steal a House seat amid Capitol riot chaos

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been caught trying to steal an Iowa seat from Republicans, Breitbart reported.

House Democrats are trying to have the results of the race for Iowa’s Second Congressional District between Rep. Marianne Miller-Meeks (R-IA) and Democrat Rita Hart overturned. The race was certified by Iowa state officials in favor of Miller-Meeks but Hart petitioned the House Administration Committee to overturn the results.

The motive behind overturning the results seems to be purely political and there is no case of voter fraud that has been presented.

Quiet theft

The Democratic Party was hammered in the down-ballot races and lost a big chunk of their House majority, now they are embracing cheating to mitigate the results of the election.

With more eye-catching events happening around the United States, it seems Democrats thought they could quietly steal a seat and Republicans would be too busy dealing with the fallout of the Capitol riot to notice.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) sounded the alarm in a video statement on Thursday where she called out Pelosi and the Democratic Party for doing the very thing they accuse President Trump of doing.

Hinson said, “Speaker Pelosi is moving forward with her plan to overturn the will of Iowa voters, who elected Dr. Marianne Miller-Meeks to serve them here in Congress. Pelosi fully intends to overturn the voices and, most importantly, the votes of Iowans and install someone that Iowans rejected at the ballot box, and she’s doing this for her own political gain.”

While the race between Miller-Meeks and Hart was very close, it has already been audited and certified by state officials. At the national level, that same standard sealed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Every seat matters

Hinson continued saying, “How hypocritical is that? Pelosi’s majority in the House is already razor-thin, so her only goal here is to add more numbers to her ranks. She thinks Republicans will stay silent as she steals this seat and silences the voices of Iowa voters.”

Thanks to the success of Republicans around the nation, the Democrats hold the House with a razor-thin margin. Every seat matters to both parties and this attempt by Pelosi to steal a seat is outrageous.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) sounded off on the situation saying, “Though the margin was close, Iowans spoke and elected Congresswoman Miller-Meeks, and a bipartisan panel in Iowa certified the results. I view the presidential election results the same way. As a senator, my job is not to overturn the will of voters and choose winners of elections — just like it’s not the House of Representatives’ to handpick who serves as Iowa’s second district congresswoman.”

This situation illustrates that Democrats don’t care about what is right or how the system is supposed to work. Democrats only care about attaining power by any means necessary.

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