Pelosi says SCOTUS ‘undermining our democracy’ with Wisconsin primary ruling

Democrats fought ferociously to have Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary halted due to coronavirus, but the state’s Supreme Court had other ideas.

After the last-minute attempt to postpone the primary was denied, the United States Supreme Court ruled that an additional attempt to extend the time frame for the receipt of absentee ballots was impermissible, causing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to accuse the court of “undermining our democracy,” according to Breitbart.

Stopping the vote

Many states have preemptively delayed their primaries due to the coronavirus crisis.  Wisconsin’s Democrat governor, Tony Evers, waited until the last second to do so, and now he is paying the price.

The first blow came when the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Monday evening that the election could not be delayed.

The second blow came when the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a lower court ruling pertaining to absentee ballots on Monday.

Amid the pandemic, requests for absentee ballots in Wisconsin increased significantly. As such, a lower court had extended the deadline for those ballots to be received.

The U.S. Supreme Court, however, ruled that such an extension could not be given and that the original deadlines would have to remain in effect.

The vote came down along ideological lines, with the majority opinion being unsigned. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg penned the dissent, stating that the decision “boggles” the mind.

Pelosi outraged

When the Supreme Court declined to extend the absentee ballot deadline, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressed her outrage.

Pelosi stated, “Well, people should not have to decide whether they can vote or be sick. That’s just not a good choice for anyone in a democracy. And you would think that the Supreme Court of the United States would not overturn a court decision which gave the voters extra time to do vote by mail by a few more days to get their vote by mail ballot in. So, you have the Supreme Court of the United States undermining the — our democracy. It’s really shameful. 5-4, surprise, surprise.”

Her last comment is the most telling, as Democrats continue to pitch the narrative that Trump has the conservative members of the court terrified to cross him for fear of retaliation.

Wisconsin is one of the states least impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with only 2,578 confirmed cases and 92 deaths as of Tuesday.

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