Pelosi caves, agrees to resume COVID-19 relief talks: Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has tried to play hardball on a coronavirus relief deal with Republicans — but she is getting her tail handed to her right now.

With the GOP holding firm on spending limits, Pelosi has finally caved and is willing to negotiate amid pressure from moderate Democrats who are worried about the House speaker’s failure to make a deal impacting their re-election chances, The Washington Post reports.

Pelosi plays hardball – and loses

It’s no secret that government spending in this country is completely out of control.

Just as it looked like we could start to chip away at the deficit, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and trillions were added to the government’s tab as lawmakers scrambled to help Americans — and their family businesses — weather the storm.

That has not stopped Democrats from wanting to fork out even more money, however, and Speaker Pelosi herself drafted an idea of a fantasy bill that would have added another $3.4 trillion to America’s debt.

She figured she could outlast Republicans and play hardball until they caved, but it seems it is Democrats who have blinked first.

The Washington Post reported:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi abruptly shifted course Thursday and moved to assemble a new coronavirus relief bill to form the basis for renewed talks with the White House, amid mounting pressure from moderates in her caucus and increasingly alarming economic news.

According to the Post, Pelosi’s new plan is “significantly narrower in scope than the $3.4 trillion Heroes Act the House passed in May.”

The real winners

Of course, it’s not Republicans who are the big winners here. It’s the American people.

The GOP has made clear that they want to do only what is absolutely necessary in response to COVID-19 as to not rack up any more federal debt. Democrats may not have that foresight, but someone has to look out for future generations.

With Democrats in red and swing states panicking about November’s elections, they were putting the pressure on Pelosi to strike a deal with Republicans. “I just want to go home with something,” Florida Rep. Donna Shalala (D) told The Hill in a recent interview. “I’ve got to go home and help people… [M]y district is just devastated and in Little Havana, the unemployment is very serious and the sickness is serious.”

It looks like Pelosi had no choice but to get on board.

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