Pelosi refuses to accept impeachment outcome: ‘He was not acquitted’

You would think that after President Donald Trump was acquitted on both impeachment charges lodged by the House that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would want to move past the fiasco as quickly as possible.

However, Pelosi just can’t let go. Pelosi embarrassed herself on national television this week by refusing to accept the fact of Trump’s acquittal in the Senate while continuing to maintain that Trump is “impeached forever,” the Daily Caller reported.

In denial

Pelosi sat down with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to discuss her decision to rip up the State of the Union address on live TV. But when Amanpour specifically stated that Trump had been acquitted, Pelosi stopped the interview cold to rebut that claim.

Pelosi stated: “He was not acquitted. There was no acquittal.”

The House Speaker went on to complain about the lack of witnesses in the Senate trial as a means to bolster her claim. She, once again, maintained that Trump will always be marred by his impeachment.

About that impeachment

It is pretty funny to hear someone like Pelosi whine about a fair trial in the Senate.

She orchestrated one of the most biased impeachment processes in our nation’s history, in which the sitting president was denied fundamental due process rights.

Not a single reporter has challenged Pelosi on the fact that the Democrats did not permit Republicans to call witnesses during the initial phase of impeachment and restricted their ability to cross-examine the witnesses who did appear.

The easy follow-up question to Pelosi’s statement would have been to ask how she could claim that the impeachment process in the House was fair if Democrats did not approve a single witness Republicans wanted to call.

It should not have mattered which names were on that list, either, because if Republicans thought those individuals could exonerate Trump, for whatever reason, they had the right to hear from them.

So, sorry Nancy, but if you are going to tag Trump with being “impeached forever” after that sham of a process, Trump is conversely entitled to bask in the legitimacy of the Senate vote and rightfully claim that he is “acquitted forever.”

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