Pelosi pushes new partisan COVID-19 relief bill, downplays likelihood of compromise

Even as tentative negotiations resumed this week in pursuit of a new coronavirus relief package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears stuck in her partisan deadlock with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

In fact, the House speaker downplayed this week the chances of her reaching an agreement with the GOP at all, as Politico reported, instead presenting yet another highly partisan piece of legislation that passed on a strict party-line vote.

“We’ll see where we go”

The $2.2 trillion measure passed the House on Thursday — without a single GOP vote — is admittedly slimmer than the initial $3.4 trillion bill passed by the House in May.

Nevertheless, that earlier bill was immediately rejected by the Republican-controlled Senate, prompting Pelosi to dig in on her position and continue pressing for a plan deemed too expensive by GOP leaders.

The two sides have shown some willingness to budge, with the White House upping its initial $1 trillion offer by $600 billion in the latest proposal that was rejected by the speaker.

As for negotiations with Mnuchin, Pelosi insinuated on Thursday after their latest meeting that there is no apparent deal on the horizon.

“We’ll see where we go from there tonight, but I’ve spoken to him a number of times already,” she said, according to Politico.

“Nothing is agreed to”

Noting that she was still reviewing documents accompanying a proposed deal that had recently been provided to her, Pelosi also said that all pieces of the equation must be in place before she would agree to a compromise, according to The Washington Times.

“Even if we came to some agreement, nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to,” she declared. “It’s the language.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi pressed forward with her vote on Thursday evening despite its all-but-assured rejection by Senate Republicans. The move comes, however, as she faces mounting pressure from within her own party to make further concessions in the pursuit of a deal that will assist Americans struggling through the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pressure is loud and forthright and it is bipartisan in nature,” said Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) in a statement to Fox News. “Because that pressure is reflective of where the American people are. They are sick and tired of politics.”

It remains to be seen whether Pelosi will decide to put politics aside at the last minute before a deal is completely out of reach.

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