Pelosi breaks under pressure, signals readiness to pass USMCA

In what has been an unrelenting battle between President Donald Trump and House Democrats, it would appear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blinked first.

After considerable pressure from both sides of the aisle to get a deal done, Pelosi finally appears to be ready to move forward with the U.S.–Mexico–Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), according to Breitbart.

Get the deal done

The USMCA deal has been sitting on Pelosi’s desk for months, yet it would appear that she has barely touched it due to her party’s disproportionate focus on the impeachment inquiry.

That changed this week, however, when Trump started to pressure Pelosi to get this deal done before it ends up in the shredder. Both Canada and Mexico are getting impatient, and Mexico was even getting ready to send a letter to Congress to demand action on the legislation.

With more and more Americans calling upon Congress to pass legislation that will actually benefit working people, Pelosi finally seems to have caved to the pressure.

She announced on Monday: “We are within range of a substantially improved agreement for America’s workers. Now, we need to see our progress in writing from the Trade Representative for final review.”

Virtually all Congress has been working on for the last two years is finding a way to impeach Trump, and Americans are sick and tired of it. Pelosi, however, tried to say that the passage of the deal had been delayed because the original agreement was a mess, and they needed time to fix it.

She stated: “The NAFTA 2.0 draft lacked the concrete, effective enforcement mechanisms needed to ensure that the agreement became more than a list of promises on paper.” She later added, “I keep telling the freshman class: ‘This is about legislation. It takes time.’”

Funny, House impeachment leader Adam Schiff (D-CA) could put together impeachment rules in a single day, but Pelosi can’t get this done over several months.

Hold her accountable

Democrats consistently whine that Trump is always on the attack, but just look at Pelosi’s comments, and you will understand why.

She could have said something along the lines of, “we had a good framework, but needed it to be more detailed before presenting,” but instead, she tried to compare it to a deal Trump openly slammed in public as a way to belittle him.

Nancy Pelosi has gotten away with attacking, demeaning, and obstructing Donald Trump’s goals for long enough, and it’s time she is finally held accountable by American voters for the damage she’s done.

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