Pelosi faces pressure from party base to begin impeachment of Trump

Since even before he was sworn into office, President Donald Trump has been the subject of impeachment demands from certain segments of the Democratic Party. To her partial credit, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has steadfastly resisted and attempted to tamp down those urgent requests from her base.

But Pelosi’s efforts may have been for naught, as a growing chorus of rank-and-file Democrats are becoming increasingly insistent that impeachment proceedings begin, with some even directly asserting that Pelosi is simply too timid to go down that road.

Democrats on verge of revolt

Politico reported on a Monday evening about a pair of meetings among Democrats — one involving House Democratic leadership in Pelosi’s office, another involving the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee — in which Pelosi and her allies were pressed hard by fellow Democrats to start the impeachment process against Trump.

While the media outlet reported that there was a rift within House leadership about whether to proceed with impeachment or not, the real fireworks came during the steering committee hearing with liberal lawmakers.

One of those in attendance, outspoken Trump critic and Tennessee Rep. Steven Cohen, reportedly accused the Speaker of being afraid of pursuing impeachment for political reasons, a charge Pelosi reportedly denied.

Trump “raping the country” while Pelosi wavers

Cohen repotedly said that former President Bill Clinton faced impeachment “over sex” — in reality, perjury under oath about sex — while in the meantime, President Trump was “raping the country” without any prospect of accountability or punishment from Pelosi-led Democrats.

Cohen is further said to have asserted that Pelosi was afraid to impeach Trump because of concerns that doing so might cost Democrats control of the House and strengthen Trump’s hand ahead of the 2020 election.

Pelosi countered that allegation from Cohen and said, “This isn’t about politics at all. It’s about patriotism. It’s about the strength we need to have to see things through.”

The Speaker reportedly also attempted to dissuade supporters of impeachment by urging members to allow more time for congressional investigations, subpoenas and lawsuits to continue to play out, as she believed those things would ultimately result favorably for Democrats.

Pelosi in control, but for how much longer?

It has become obvious that Pelosi enjoys the thinnest veneer of control over her House caucus, and according to Fox News, an unnamed senior House Democrat said Monday that Pelosi “isn’t going to be able to hold off on impeachment much longer,” and proceedings could be set into motion “within the next two weeks.”

The report from Fox noted that House Democrats were planning to have another special meeting to discuss their options with regard to Trump, with impeachment most certainly being one of the cards on the table.

It remains to be seen how much longer Pelosi can hold off the rabid Democrat base that demands Trump be impeached — despite the nearly inevitable fact that he would be acquitted by the Senate — until she ultimately caves in and abdicates her weak grip on power over the party.

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