Pelosi, Pence voice disagreement over mandatory face masks

Certain issues in the news cycle really put into stark contrast the differences in the worldviews held by conservatives as opposed to liberals.

To wit, while House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has decided to call for a federal mandate requiring all Americans to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Vice President Mike Pence says the decision rightly rests with state and local governments, as the New York Post reports.

Pelosi, Pence clash over masks

Liberals believe that the federal government is the be-all and end-all when it comes to guiding the nation, but that is not the case, even during a pandemic.

This weekend, Speaker Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump for not issuing a federal mandate requiring everyone across the country to wear face masks, saying that such an edict is “long overdue,” as Breitbart reported.

In an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Pence disagreed, stating, “One of the elements of the genius of America is the principle of federalism, of state and local control. We’ve made it clear that we want to defer to governors. We want to defer to local officials.”

Show host John Dickerson challenged the vice president on the issue, saying that this virus “doesn’t know federalism” and that the situation demands a “coordinated national result.”

Unnecessary overreach

Democrats love to say that science and data must dictate the government’s coronavirus response, but that only seems to hold when doing so would be convenient to their narrative.

There are still a dozen states that have not exceeded 10,000 cases, and more than a dozen others have seen fewer than 500 deaths due to COVID-19.

Many of these jurisdictions have barely been impacted by the virus at all, so it is utterly nonsensical that those living there should be required to take the same precautions as a state like New York that has had more than 415,000 positive cases and over 31,000 deaths.

Montana, for instance, has just over 900 positive cases and 22 deaths throughout the pandemic thus far.

Clearly, the state has the coronavirus threat under control, and there simply is no need for the federal government to step in and dictate policy of any kind.

As is all too common these days, the very idea of a nationwide mask mandate is an issue now only because Democrats and the media want it to be.

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