Pelosi: It ‘would have been my right’ to refuse to seat GOP winner of disputed House race

As former President Donald Trump voiced concerns about the validity of November’s election results, Democrats dismissed his challenges as unconstitutional and unfounded.

Now that one contested congressional race presents a long-shot opportunity for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to pick up another seat for her party, however, it appears she is singing an entirely different tune.

“If I wanted to be unfair”

In fact, Pelosi recently declared that it is within her power as the House speaker to overturn the results of a state-certified election if she deems it necessary.

According to Breitbart, the apparent flip-flop came in response to the House Administration Committee’s effort to overturn the results of a razor-thin victory by Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) in the race to represent Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

With the Republican’s final tally showing a margin of victory of just six votes, Democratic challenger Rita Hart is alleging that there are at least 22 legal ballots that were never counted. If they were included, she claims, the new votes would be enough to reverse the results.

Hart declined to pursue her case in the court system, instead opting to demand that the House intercede on her behalf. Meanwhile, Miller-Meeks has already been sworn in and was seated as a congresswoman more than two months ago, as Breitbart notes.

Still, during a recent interview, Pelosi declared: “If I wanted to be unfair, I wouldn’t have seated the Republican from Iowa because that was my right on the opening day.”

“We enfranchise their votes”

Pelosi’s current position stands in direct contrast to prior remarks she has made on the topic, including reactions to Trump’s electoral challenges a few months ago as well as comments dating back to 2017.

At that time, she said: “In our House, when someone gets elected, we seat them. We enfranchise their votes: Republican or Democratic. We don’t say we have to wait for the paperwork. We hear the will of the people.”

Now that a Democrat is on the losing end of a disputed election, the tide certainly seems to have changed as far as Pelosi is concerned.

For her part, Miller-Meeks recently shared a letter she received from Pelosi after the race had been certified in which the speaker said it was her “honor to again extend congratulations” to the incoming GOP lawmaker, Breitbart reported.

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