Nancy Pelosi mumbles incoherently while explaining why she canceled Trump’s SOTU speech

Is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi having a mental breakdown, or is she just flat-out lying and struggling to come up with words?

There is speculation about both after Pelosi was caught off-guard with a question specifically asking why she wants Trump to cancel his upcoming State of the Union address.

Take a look:

Making Trump look bad

More than likely, this move from Pelosi was nothing more than another Democrat effort to make President Donald Trump look bad.

The speaker is simply hoping she can hold Trump off from speaking the American people until they can get him to break on the border wall.

But up until now, the Trump administration has vowed that will never happen.

On more than one occasion, Trump has stated that he will keep the government closed until Democrats come to the table to negotiate in good faith.

But based on the unsurprisingly lackluster response that Trump received from the Democrat members of Congress — who now outnumber Republicans — Trump may be best served to skip speaking in Congress altogether.

In fact, he can just as easily give the State of the Union from the Oval Office — or any venue he chooses.

Lies, lies, and more lies

One of the reasons Pelosi may have been stumbling so bad was because it seems as though she was making things up as she was going along.

Pelosi said the main reason for the cancelation was the problem with security. (After all, our entire government would be under one roof.)

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The Secret Service, however, rebutted her contention that proper security would be a problem.

Even though these agents are not currently receiving a paycheck, failing to guard the president and the rest of those attending the State of the Union is simply not an option for them.

This is something that was verified by Peter Alexander, the White House correspondent for NBC News, who tweeted on Wednesday:

Pelosi falls flat on her face

After almost being replaced by her fellow Dems, Pelosi has now been at the helm of the House for a little more than two weeks — and it has already been a complete disaster.

Her party members have been caught partying on islands rather than focusing on coming up with a budget that will enable Trump to reopen the government.

And now, she has flat out been caught in a lie.

The time has come for Americans to realize that Nancy Pelosi has to go.

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