Pelosi schedules meeting with Ocasio-Cortez to hash out working relationship

Over the last several weeks, Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been airing their dirty laundry on Twitter.

In an effort to get Pelosi back in her corner, AOC requested a meeting with the House speaker to discuss their working relationship — and Pelosi has caved, The Daily Caller reports.

Too Far Left

Pelosi is considered an establishment Democrat. She has been in office of some sort since 1981 and has been in Congress since 1987.

Pelosi represents everything that is wrong with today’s political system. However, in her world, she is considered an elite and demands respect.

When AOC disrespected her openly on Twitter, she found out just how powerful Pelosi’s political clout can be. Some of the policies and programs AOC has backed have been just a little too far left for the House Speaker.

However, Pelosi is seeing the tide of public opinion turn against her, as Ocasio-Cortez and her cohort becomes more and more powerful.

Peace Time

The fact of the matter is, though, all this squabbling in the Democrat party has hurt their case against Donald Trump.

Quite frankly, it is pretty surprising it was AOC as the one that reached out.

As the party leader, it should have been up to Pelosi to extend the olive branch. That actually should have happened after AOC started firing off tweets attacking her.

However, it was Pelosi’s interview being openly critical of The Squad that brought that criticism on, something that Pelosi probably should have never done in the first place.

These two may be getting together to hash things out, but they are clearly on different pages.

Even if they do manage to call a truce, it is only a matter of time before AOC does something that will set Pelosi off again.

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