New poll shows Pelosi losing support of Democrat party

The Democrat take-over of the House was supposed to be a turning point for the party.

However, a new Gallup poll reveals that a majority of Democratic voters are actually unhappy with Nancy Pelosi’s Congress.

It Keeps Getting Worse

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) promised voters that once the Democrats regained the House, things were going to get better. After a month, however, Democrats were already expressing their disappointment.

In the month of February, only 32 percent of Democrats were happy with Congress. That number has gotten considerably worse in the following months.

In the most recent poll, only 25 percent of Democrats polled were happy with the job Congress is doing today.

The numbers on the Republican side are much worse. Only 14 percent of Republicans approve of the job being done by Congress right now. That number is down 22 points from October.

Start Working for the People

The overwhelming sentiment here is that Americans are sick and tired of the constant bickering in politics. It has been years since Congress has actually done anything of significance to help Americans.

Instead, the fight has turned towards attacking Donald Trump’simmigration policies. Sticking up for illegal immigrants may make for a good soundbite, but it surely is NOT drawing in the support of the average American.

The curious thing, though, is even with these horrible approval numbers, American voters continue to put the same people in office over and over again.

While the problems in our political system can definitely be blamed on those sitting in the House and Senate, it also falls on the voters to some extent.

If you are unhappy with the politicians in office, get out there on election day and vote them out.

If they are not willing to listen to what we have to say and actually represent us in office, vote them out.

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