Nancy Pelosi could lose her leadership position after the midterm elections

It would appear as though the Democrat party is about to get a major facelift.

With the apparent grumbling from within the Democrat party, there is a very good chance Nancy Pelosi will be ousted from her party leadership role.

Republicans Zeroing In

Nancy Pelosi has been very boisterous in her lack of support for this administration.

While there is always a bit of back and forth, Pelosi has attacked Trump at every chance.

Her attacks have been more than the usual political mudslinging, as she has not shied away from pushing the media narrative that Trump is a racist.

Because of this, Republicans have ramped up their anti-Pelosi advertising.

It is estimated that roughly one third of the ads related to congressional races specifically mention Pelosi.

The counter-attacks against Pelosi have even forced some Democrats to distance themselves during their campaigns for fear of being linked to Pelosi and her pro sanctuary stance.

Democrats Want New Blood

With Pelosi getting so much negative publicity, it is not surprising the new breed of Democrat are trying to distance themselves from Pelosi.

Even though many of the Democrats in office are pushing benefits for undocumented immigrants, the sentiment on both the left and right by American citizens is “What about us?”

Younger Democrats that have taken a more conservative approach to their agendas do not see Pelosi as being on the same page as them.

Which brings us to the next point…

With Trump winning the election, sensible Democrats realize voters are tired of the same old voices preaching the same old nonsense.

The time has come to put a new face on the Democrat party.

Going into 2020, Democrats cannot afford to have Pelosi (and Schumer for that matter) pitching the same anti-Trump rhetoric if they expect to mount any type of challenge for the White House.

For conservatives, the best thing that could happen would be for Democrats to ignore all of these signs and allow Pelosi to stay in her party leadership role.

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Even though they lost the election, party leadership continues to spread the same message that did not work for them during the presidential election.

Until the party replaces the talking heads at the top of leadership, they are doomed to repeat history.

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